French A Manufacture in Normandy


What is the originality of this patent?

The WATERflush reservoir is in complete break with the traditional mechanisms push or pull on the traditional toilet tanks equipped toilet tanks.

What are the benefits of this innovation?

  1. More than that fur and leaking at the level of the flushing mechanism.
  2. Finished zippers or push buttons 3/6 l, which get stuck and cause significant water consumption.
  3. Thanks to its sliding cursor may be analyzed the flow of water to its natural needs: 1 l, 2 l, 4 l, 5 l. Maximum 5 l are evacuated instead of the 9 l in the traditional tanks. Water saving is therefore 4 l to each use !
  4. In the bottom of the tank WATERflush water does not stagnate, it does pass, the fixing screws of the tank from the Bowl are no longer in contact water, this advantage completely eliminates leaks at this point unlike the fixations of the earthenware bowls.
  5. His 5 l tub (factory setting) can be set up to 6 l, allows to have a flow of water greater than the traditional mechanisms through its use as a bucket of water which oscillates, allowing a saving of at least 50%.
  6. Adaptable on all bowls thanks to its adjustable fasteners.
  7. A diffuser of product team bio anti-calcification built-in.
  8. Installation in 10 minutes on all types of bowls.

EcoNeves has sold since its creation more than 4,000 tanks to individuals, plumbers, social landlords, specialized wholesalers, administrations; all of these clients have praised this tank that their avoid recurring leaks caused by traditional flush mechanisms where a reduction in their bills of + 50%.