Responsible name Norberto NEVES
Head office 85 rue Daguerre
Zip code 75014
City Paris
Country France
Phone + 33 1 40 56 97 30
Intra-Community VAT FR 01521448878
Siret 52144887800012
Declaration CNIL, N° 1495320
Manufacturing: Factory in France
Patents INPI
Hosting: OVH - France

Hébergement : OVH France

1. Definitions

EEcoNeves: refers to the company EcoNeves SARL, registered under the number RCS PARIS: 521 448 878, whose VAT number is FR01521448878, and whose registered office is located 85, rue Daguerre (75014 Paris), which is operator and publisher of the Site.

Editorial content: means all of the information available to any Internet user or member by EcoNeves and, more generally, any content editorial, photographic or video appearing on the Site or otherwise communicated by EcoNeves.

Terms of use: means the terms use and visit the Site to which any Internet user is subject or Member. Personal data: means any personal information collected by EcoNeves or provided by any visitor or member on the occasion of using or visiting the Site. Intellectual property rights: designate trademarks, domain names, rights of author, copyrights, industrial designs, patents, databases or any other intellectual property rights. User: means any natural or legal person using or visiting the Site. Hyperlink: refers to the system of referencing materialized by a Word, an icon or logo which through a click of a mouse to move from one document to another on the same web site or a page of a web site to another web site page. Member: means an Internet user identified on the Site using his username and password. Username: means the information necessary for the member identification to access areas of the Site are reserved to him. Password: refers to confidential information, which the Member must keep secret, allowing, used in conjunction with its identifier, to prove his identity as a member. Web site: means the website available to the public (including the users and members) through Internet at the URL

2. application of terms of use

2.1 the General Conditions of use are applicable to any relationship that may exist between a user or a member and EcoNeves in the context of its use or its Site visit. The General Conditions of use may be modified at any time by EcoNeves, the version associated with each use or visit the Site being that applicable at the time of such use or visit.

2.2 Accordingly, unless specific, for a visitor or member to use or visit the Site implies full and full and unreserved accession to the General Conditions of use.

2.3 any condition contrary to the terms of use by a user or a member shall in the absence of express acceptance of EcoNeves, not opposable to EcoNeves, regardless of the time where she will be able to be brought to her attention.

2.4 the fact that EcoNeves does not, take advantage at one point, one of the any of the provisions of the terms of use shall not be construed as being worth renunciation by EcoNeves to avail later one of the any of the said provisions.

3. use and Site visit

3.1 any user or Member acknowledges and agrees that using or visiting the Site requires access to the Internet (any fees corresponding being dependant only). He says therefore dispose of everything necessary, and equipment including a computer, modem or any other connection tool, in order to ensure this connection to the Internet and downloading of data, files and digital photographs.

3.2 any surfer or Member acknowledges and agrees that EcoNeves has only an obligation of means in respect of the operation of the Site and that liability cannot be held liable for any inconvenience or damages inherent to the use of the Internet (especially for any disruption in the provision of the service, computer intrusion, computer viruses, etc.) or any cause him being outside.

3.3 any surfer or Member acknowledges and agrees that EcoNeves may, in its discretion, without further compensation or notice, and at any time, to restrict or refuse access to all or part of the Site or modify, discontinue temporarily or permanently the Site.

3.4 the establishment of hypertext links on the Site to other resources present on the Internet does not constitute a validation of cesressources or their content by EcoNeves and cannot engage its liability in any way whatsoever or in any capacity whatsoever.

3.5 unless prior and express authorisation of EcoNeves, which cannot claim affiliation and may be withdrawn at any time at the discretion it is prohibited to place on any website a simple hyperlink (surface linking) referring directly to the main home page of the Site. In any case, it is forbidden to place on any site any hyperlink deep (framing, deep linking, in-line linking or other).

3.6 any surfer or member is informed that, when access to the website, information may be temporarily stored in memory or on his hard drive to facilitate navigation on the Site. He acknowledges having been informed of this practice and have knowledge of the means available to it to oppose and that where it would set up such opposition, access, its navigation and its use or its Site visit would be restricted.

3.7 any surfer or member recognizes that the intellectual property rights relating to the Site and to the Editorial content belong to their legitimate owners including EcoNeves. No provision of the terms of use shall be construed as granting to the user or the Member a right any on intellectual property rights which legitimate holders have the property or the right of use or exploitation. Any surfer or member does not have an authorization to display the Site and the Editorial content to personal and private, excluding any visualization or public distribution. Therefore, any representation, reproduction, use or extraction, partial or total, unauthorized by the legitimate holders of the Site or the Editorial content as well as any other intellectual property right is strictly prohibited under penalty of prosecution. The offender is liable to civil and criminal penalties, including the penalties provided for in articles l. 335.2 and l. 343.1 of the Code of intellectual property.

4 commitment, declarations and responsibility of the user

4.1 the customer acknowledges that EcoNeves confers no right of intellectual property on the Site, component parts, or the Editorial content and refrain therefore including adapt them, reproduce them or disseminate it to the public.

4.2. the customer acknowledges that EcoNeves may disclose any content, information or data (and including any computer file) that is passed to comply with laws and regulations, inform the authorities, respond to third party claims or assert his rights and agrees that EcoNeves make such disclosure if it considers necessary, including any claim or administrative or judicial proceedings to protect the rights and interests of all natures of EcoNeves or third parties.

4.3 the Client States aware that it cannot convey to EcoNeves of messages, images, data that violate the property rights of others, such as texts, images or programs protected by intellectual property rights, trade secrets or confidential information; He can not transmit to EcoNeves files that contain viruses, programs that overwrite the data in memory or any other contaminatrice or destructive function.

4.4. the customer undertakes to guarantee and indemnify EcoNeves, as well as its sister or affiliated companies, its representatives, employees, partners, against any damage, complaint or request from third parties resulting from the use or the visit of the Site or violation of the general terms or the rights of others. This warranty covers the benefits which would be eventually paid as well as the fees reasonably incurred and court costs.

5. privacy, computer law and freedoms

5.1 any registration on the Site as a member, any creation of an account, any request for quote or any communication passed through the Site requires the transmission by the user of the personal data. On this occasion, the user: -undertakes that the information, including personal data, are at all times accurate, complete and up-to-date and to make the necessary changes, -undertakes to keep confidential the information relating to the user name and the password of its account, and to remain responsible for the fraudulent or improper use which could be made, -Forbidden to create multiple accounts, create an account on behalf of a third party, or create an account on behalf of a group or entity unless special provision, -Is prohibited to usurp the identity of a person or entity, falsify or conceal his identity, age or affiliation to any person or entity.

5.2 any communication by EcoNeves to the user will be considered as validly performed at the email address provided by the user on the occasion of the transmission of personal data.

5.3 in accordance with Act No. 78-17 of 6 January 1978 relative to information technology, files and liberties (called "computer law and freedoms"), the automated processing of personal data carried out from the Site was the subject of a declaration to the National Commission of data processing and freedoms.

5.4 by application of the law and freedoms, any person may obtain communication and, where appropriate, correction or deletion of the information or to oppose their commercial use, addressing Mr Norberto Neves, Director of the publication of the Site in his capacity as Manager of EcoNeves, which can be attached to this effect: -By letter: 85, rue Daguerre (75014 Paris) -By Email: -By phone: + 33 (0) 1 40 56 97 30 5.5. the Site is hosted by OVH 2 rue Kellermann - 59100 Roubaix - France.

6. applicable law - disputes

The General Conditions of use are subject to french law. Any dispute relating to their interpretation or execution will be the exclusive jurisdiction of the french courts