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Toilet flush leaks: causes and solutions

A toilet that continues to flush after being pulled can be due to a number of causes, but here are some common ones and possible solutions.

  1. Defective gasket in tank :
    • Cause: A faulty seal can cause water to leak from the tank into the bowl.
    • Solution: Replace the defective seal. This may involve replacing the cistern flapper or other components of the flushing mechanism.
  2. Float incorrectly adjusted :
    • Cause: If the float is not set correctly, it may cause the reservoir to overfill.
    • Solution: Adjust the height of the float so that it cuts off the water when the desired level is reached.
  3. Defective or dirty valve :
    • Cause: A worn, defective or dirty flapper can allow water to constantly flow into the bowl.
    • Solution: Clean or replace defective valve.
  4. Defective chain or lever :
    • Cause: An ill-fitting chain or defective lever may prevent the valve from closing properly.
    • Solution: Adjust or replace chain, lever or other mechanism components as necessary.
  5. Problems with the filling valve :
    • Cause: A faulty filling valve can cause the tank to overfill.
    • Solution: Replace the filling valve if defective.
  6. Leak in drain pipe :
    • Cause: A leak in the drain pipe can also lead to constant flushing.
    • Solution: Check the drainpipe and repair any leaks detected.

If you're not comfortable handling the flush components yourself, it may be a good idea to call in a plumbing professional to diagnose and solve the problem.

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