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Technical resources

Waterflush tank installation

Materials used: ABS

Waterflush® is made primarily of ABS, notably for its shell. We explain why. ABS stands for acrylonitrile butadiene styrene. It's a thermoplastic. In other words, it reacts to heat without too much loss of property when heated and cooled. This property makes ABS very attractive for recycling. To melt it for recycling, ABS is heated to 221°C, a relatively low temperature and therefore energy-efficient compared with recycled glass, which requires 800 to 1400°C, or worse, thermoset plastics, which cannot be recycled. ABS's ability to be melted and molded again and again makes it a wise choice for recycling. ABS can be found in computer keyboards, Lego toys, wall sockets... In terms of toxicity, ABS is not recognized as a hazardous material. It is used in many toys, and has been for many years.